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The EMCA UK strives to make positive and creative contribution for a better society, through understanding its environment, background and making well informed decisions.


The Eritrean Muslim Community Association UK (EMCA UK) is a charity, which was founded in 1989 to meet the social, welfare and cultural needs of the growing number of Eritrean refugees living in the United Kingdom. These needs are principally in the areas of education, health, benefits, casework and counselling, languages learning, family counselling and social/cultural events.

Its aims are to address the welfare and social needs of members of the Eritrean community in the UK, developing activities which preserve our Islamic and Eritrean cultural heritage and which foster mutual help and support from within the community.

Some Achievements

Successfully managed youth projects for many years such as the Millennium Volunteers (MV) and Excel Through Volunteering (ETV)

Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2005

Acquire Al Nagashi Islamic Centre its biggest achievement


The first set of workshops for the NLP course run by Dr. Mohamed Abdulrazak began this week: Mondays for women only and Fridays for everyone. The trainees interacted well as they listened attentively and asked relevant questions. This was an introduction into NLP and a great exemplar for the Quranic verse {As also in your own selves: Will ye not then see?} (51:21). Next week is the last chance to join the course. If interested, please contact EMCA's Email info@emca.org.uk

Dear sisters & brothers,

It is with great pleasure that our socio psycho educational advisor Dr.Muhammed Abdulrazzaq of The Al-rowaad school (adult section) announce the delivery of one the most highly rewarding personal development courses, a once in a life time chance for total positive change - Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Sister Um-Jihad started her lecture 'Mohamed, peace be upon him, prophet of mercy and humanity' with an overview about his blessed life. She mentioned that he was sent as a Godly mercy to the world.

Sister Um-Jihad covered the following topics in her lecture: how was the noble prophet's mercy shown in his words and actions and the effect that had on others and the society's need for the characteristics of mercy and how to adopt those characteristics.


EMCA's Membership Policy - Reminder and Clarification

  1. The 2016 annual membership registration deadline is May 15 2016.
  2. New and existing members can do one of the following to process their membership
    • Attend in person at the registration office, in Al Nagashi Centre, in order to process their annual membership registration and receive confirmation receipt.
    • Pay the membership fee online or bank transfer covering the full membership amount of £60, ensuring the payment reference is set to 'EMCA MEMBERSHIP'. The full membership form can either be taken back to the registration office or emailed to members@emca.org.uk
  3. New members have to complete all sections of the application form and pay the full annual membership registration fee.
  4. Existing members will have to complete the appropriate sections of the application form e.g. change of address and status, fee payment method etc and pay the full annual membership registration fee.
  5. Senior members are exempted from paying the annual membership registration fee; however they have to complete the appropriate sections of the application form.
  6. Members, who previously setup a monthly standing order payment towards their annual membership fee, have to complete the appropriate section of the application form and ensure that the amount paid is enough to cover the full membership fee.
  7. Any financial contribution or donations made towards any of EMCA's projects or facilities will not be considered as payment towards annual membership registration fee.
  8. Membership will not be activated until a completed form and full payment has been received prior to the deadline.
  9. Existing members should not assume that their membership will automatically be renewed without following the above procedures.
  10. Submitting a completed form and payment of membership fees (unless exempted), will be considered an agreement to the EMCA

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